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Spirit Adventure Camp
This week will challenge your camper with authentic, hands-on explorations of nature and God. Some of our adventures include exploring
Creation, asking questions, hiking, crafting, serving others, swimming, singing, creek stomping, water and land Olympics, and campfires!
Dean: Cassie McCachren
June 26 - July 1      Grades 1-6      $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 3:00 pm
The Great Mini Camp Adventure
Kids will experience the joy of learning the great news of Jesus while having a blast! Hands on activities, outdoor adventures and lots and lots of fun!
Join experienced leaders for a great introduction to the overnight camping experience. This camp runs parallel with a week-long camp for older kids.
Deans: Melanie Feldner & Brad Haubert
July 10-12      Grades 1-3      $260
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Tuesday 4:00 pm
Stuff They Don’t Teach You at School!
Summer means it’s finally time for sports, belly-flops, archery, mattress sliding, crafts, friends, and a secret mission known only as “Trojan Onion.”
Through upbeat impactful worship we focus on Christ and how God works in our daily lives.
Deans: Kelsie Whitten & Jordan Shick
July 10-15       Grades 3-5       $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm
Stuff You Can Teach at School!
This event is a middle school version of it’s elementary camp partner. Campers will experience upbeat, impactful worship and the “Trojan Onion.”
We’ll also focus on how being a Jesus-follower is fun and rewarding as campers are equipped to be Christ-filled leaders in their school and community.
Deans: Kristen Choat & Kirsten Firestine
July 10-15       Grades 6-8      $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm
Camp New Adventure
Are you ready
        …for the most colorful game of capture the flag you’ve ever experienced?
        …to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation with creek stomping along the Appalachian Trail?
        …to worship with loud, fun, praise music and also the stillness of the forest?
        …to explore, in every experience, what it truly means to live and love like Jesus—and in the process, change the world?
We’re ready to welcome you into a week of camp fun, amazing memories and friendships with a team of counselors
who first came to Camp Penn as campers themselves!
Dean: Andrea Smyser
July 17-22      Grades 3-5      $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 3:00 pm
Christ’s Motley Crew
Teens come together for a week of exciting games, worship, and discussions on life with God. Play games and hang out at the Creekside Cafe.
Swim at the pool. Take aim at archery. Get creative in the craft lodge. Grow in your faith, deepen friendships and have fun. Come and be yourself!
Deans: Mike Fitzpatrick & Tina Czwalina
July 17-22      Grades 6-12      $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 4:00 pm
Adrenaline H12 High Adventure Camp - NEW
Adrenaline H12 is a new camp designed for campers who like spending time outdoors, challenging themselves, and making new friends!
This camping experience offers new opportunities for adventure ranging from white water rafting to high ropes adventures. Campers will spend time
both at Camp Penn and tent camping while pursuing adventures off site: the whole time campers will be learning how to maintain an unshakable
foundation in Christ. Space is limited; so, you will want to register early for this one!  Note: All high adventure activities are led by professional guides.
Deans: Melissa Galla & Susan Yorks
July 24-29      Grades 7-12      $500
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 3:00 pm
Capture His Light Photography
This camp is an opportunity to see God’s light in the world through photography. Learn to take more creative photos as we travel
to local destinations all week. Try photo challenges to practice light, ISOs, f-stops, night photography, sunsets, and even light painting.
A camera 8mp or higher preferred, although a good phone camera will work.
Deans: Dave Poole & Melanie Bolles
July 24-29 Grades 6-12 $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 3:00 pm
Arts Innovation
Join us for an all-around art experience. We do everything so you can find your creative passion. We’ll explore drawing, painting, sculpture,
fabrics, photography and more. Arts experience not required but an eagerness for FUN is! Bring a friend and share the fun!
Deans: Leigh Goas & Tracy Barcavage
July 24-29      Grades 3-6      $418
Starts: Sunday 3:00 pm; Ends: Friday 3:00 pm
Christmas at Camp Penn
All are welcome to this free, family-friendly night of carols and worship in the Camp Penn Chapel. The candlelight service
will be followed by fireside cookies and cocoa in the rec hall.
Registration not required.
December 11      All Ages       Free
Time: Sunday 4:00 pm